Common Core State Standards

About CCSS
CCSS or The Common Core State Standards are educational standards that help teachers ensure that all students, no matter where they live within the United States, have equal access to the skills and knowledge needed to prepare for success in postsecondary education.

CCSS does NOT tell teachers HOW to teach and are not meant as a means to "nationalize" education. Each state is responsible, ultimately for setting its standards, in-state and for its implementation.

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CCSS in Florida
CCSS was adopted in the state of Florida in July, 2010. Florida educators may access this information at Florida Department of Education site.
* Cognitive Complexity Levels of FCAT 2.0 Reading Items
* Florida Standards Implementation Timeline
* Common Core English/Language Arts Standards
* Common Core History/Social Studies
* Common Core Reading - General Information (Downloadable Word Doc)
* Common Core State Standards Implementation Tools and Resources
* Common Core English Appendix A
* Common Core English Appendix B


Grade 9/10 FCAT 2.0 Activities

I. Students read shorter, grade 9/10 reading passages and use the critical reading process of elimination (POE) strategy to answer multiple choice questions in class.

1. Preview the text. [Sample Text:: The Wreck of the E.S. Newman]
2. Preview the questions. [Sample Text:: The Wreck of the E.S. Newman]
3. Use before, during and after reading comprehension strategies.
4. Answer ALL the questions. There IS a penalty for unanswered questions.

II. Students read longer, 9th/10th grade FCAT 2.0 passages and complete the "Home Court Advantage" packet (which is comprised of released FCAT 2.0 reading passages )and answer all of the multiple-choice questions.

1. Skim the passage. First noting proper nouns, lists, italicized words, numbers, unusual punctuation, charts, graphs, maps and other text features such as illustrations.
2. Preview the questions BEFORE reading the text.
3. Use the critical reading process of elimination (POE) strategy to answer ALL the multiple-choice questions. (There IS a penalty for unanswered questions.)
4. Work to mastery* &70% or higher)

If a student did not receive a minimum score of 70% on any given passage, students were given a "Second Chance."

If after the second try, students still failed to meet the minimum score, they were given a third and final opportunity to improve their score.

Rigorous/intensive intervention is assigned to students who failed to reach the mark after the third attempt.

9/10th Grade FCAT 2.0 Benchmarks by Category

Category I: Vocabulary
a. Context Clues
b. Analyze Words/ Text
c. Word Relationships
d. Multiple Meanings

Assigned readings
1. The Chicago of Europe
2. Enigma of the Echidna

Category II: Reading Application
a. Author’s Purpose
b. Author’s Perspective
c. Main Idea & Relevant Details
d. Conclusions & Inferences
e. Cause & Effect
f. Text Structures
g. Compare & Contrast

Assigned readings
1. A Rupee Earned
2. How the Weather Works
3. Dogs Vis-à-vis Cats
4. Going Up
5. Goals and Dreams

Category III: Literary Analysis
a. Theme
b. Character Development
c. Setting
d. Plot Development
e. Descriptive Language
f. Figurative Language

Assigned readings
1. Out of Bounds
2. The Clever Thief
3. An American Childhood

Category IV: Informational Text/Research Process
a. Text Features
b. Synthesize Information
c. Analyze & Evaluate Information

Assigned readings
1. About Coconuts
2. Dive In!

Core Curriculum: 9/10th Grade Intensive Reading
FCAT 2.0 Online Preparation
  • EDGE A students should use the FOCUS mini lessons to prepare for the FCAT 2.0 a minimum of 30 to 40 minutes a day, four days a week.
  • EDGE A - C Students using FCAT Explorer should work in the"Reading Timeline." 
 The log in information is the SAME for FOCUS and FCAT Explorer.   

Language and Learning Handbook
Reading Handbook
Writing Handbook
Literary Terms
English, Chinese, Haitian-Creole, Hmong, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese
Unit 1: Think Again
Unit 2: Family Matters
Unit 3: True Self
Unit 4: Give & Take
Unit 5: Fair Play
Unit 6: Coming of Age
Unit 7: Making Impressions

FCAT Retakes

Online: FCAT Explorer: Make FULL use of "Reading Timelines"

Note: Retakers are encouraged to take the ACT as this is their BEST chance to qualify for graduation & college.

I recommend that students utilize for FREE homework help in Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Precalculus & Calculus as well as Biology, Chemistry & Physics) to maintain their 2.0 or above GPA while participating in the reading intervention program.

Students may also go to Khan Academy
1. Click "add a coach"(I am the coach)
2. Enter my coach id:
3. Click: Register Coach to access FREE videos in mathematics and biology

I. In class:
I do...(GP)Vocabulary In Context A
We do...(Pairs) Vocabulary In Context B
You do...(On Your Own)Vocabulary In Context C
Online Enrichment: Chapter 2: Context Clues Exercise 1 & Exercise 2

Intense Intervention: Townsend Press Online Learning Center
-Vocabulary Basics
-Groundwork for a Better Vocabulary, 3/e
-Building Vocabulary Skills, 3/e-4/e
-Building Vocabulary Skills, Short Version, 3/e-4/e
-Improving Vocabulary Skills, 3/e-4/e
-Improving Vocabulary Skills, Short Version, 3/e-4/e
-Advancing Vocabulary Skills, 3/e-4/e
-Advancing Vocabulary Skills, 3/e, Short Version, 3/e-4/e
-Advanced Word Power

More Intense Intervention: Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT
-Book One
-Book Two
-Book Three

Review: Word Parts & Context Clues
Skills Test: Vocabulary In Context D

I do...(GP)Inferences A
We do...(Pairs)Inferences B
You do...(On Your Own) Inferences C
Online Enrichment: Chapter 8: Inferences Exercises 1 & Exercise 2
Skills Test: Inferences D
Review: Making Inferences
Reading Comprehension: Animation Made Easy

I do...(GP) Main Ideas & Supporting Details, pages 73 & 81
We do...(Pairs) Main Ideas & Supporting Details, pages 75 & 83
You do...(On Your Own) Main Ideas & Supporting Details, pages 77 & 85
Chapter 3:Main Ideas, Exercises 1 & Exercise 2
Online Enrichment: Chapter 4:Supporting Details, Exercises 1 & Exercise

I do...(GP)Locations of Main Ideas A
We do...(Pairs)Locations of Main Ideas B
You do...On Your Own)Locations of Main Ideas A
Online Enrichment: Chapter 5: Locations of Main ideas Exercises 1 & Exercise 2
Skills Test: Locations of Main Ideas D
Review: Identifying Main Ideas & Supporting Details

I do...(GP) Implied Main Idea A
We do...(Pairs) Implied Main Idea B
You do...(On Your Own) Implied Main Idea
Online Enrichment: Chapter 9: Implied Main Ideas Exercises 1 & Exercise 2
Skills Test: Implied Main Idea D

Review: Patterns of Organization
Reading Comprehension: Two Left Feet, ...

II. Home Court Advantage Packet Activities
Day 1:
Do- Persuasive Devices
Read – “Iowa Indoor …” & “Bill Would…” (pages 106 - 109))
Answer : 8 Multiple Choice questions

Chapter 10:
Basics of Argument, Exercises 1 & Exercise 2

Day 2:
Do- Understanding Plot & Elements of Literature
Read- Harry Houdini (pages 129 -131)
Answer : 8 Multiple Choice questions

Day 3:
Do- Identifying Signal Words & Making Comparisons
Read- “Pluto Demoted …” (page 154-157)
Answer : 8 Multiple Choice questions

Day 4:
Do- Cause and Effect & Implied Cause and Effect
Read – Email Safety (page 174-176)
Answer : 8 Multiple choice questions

Day 5:
Do - Gathering Information
Read- Career Myths & How to Debunk Them (page 187-191)
Answer : 8 Multiple choice questions

II. Intense Intervention:Groundwork for College Readiness
-Groundwork for College Reading, 4/e
-Groundwork for College Reading with Phonics, 4/e
-Ten Steps to Building College Reading Skills, 4/e
-Ten Steps to Improving College Reading Skills, 5/e
-Ten Steps to Advancing College Reading Skills, 5/e
-Ten Steps to Advanced Reading

Grammar and Usage
English Essentials

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